Kid's Pablo Escobar Halloween Costume Has the Internet Going Crazy

Internet is going crazy after seeing a kid version of Pablo Escobar.

Someone decided to dress up this little kid up as the notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, complete with a tacky Hawaiian shirt, parted curly hair, mustache, a tiny gun, and a briefcase full of money. The adults at the party seem really entertained. Especially as the kid even fist bumps other adults. The website, Break, also found this pretty funny, posting the video on Facebook with the caption, “Little Pablo Escobar runs the biggest fun size Snickers cartel…” However, as The Latin Times points out, many commenters found this extremely offensive. “I can’t wait to dress my children up in the most offensive, inappropriate costumes ever. I want at least 10 phone calls to Social Services questioning my parenting abilities,” writes one Facebook user. “I do not think this is funny. Pablo Escobar is tied to murdering thousands people (many of them innocent),” writes another, who then binge-watches Netflix's Narcos, to research the damage Escobar did the Columbian people. Ultimately, this poor kid has NO idea what is going on and is probably extremely confused as to why everyone is laughing at him and his minature briefcase.
Tiny Pablo Escobar Is Ready For HalloweenLittle Pablo Escobar runs the biggest fun size Snickers cartel… Posted by Break on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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