Key Witness in Burglary of Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend, Found Alive After being Kidnapped

Key witness in burglary of Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend, found alive after vanishing

Darwin Vela, 22, disappeared after walking his dog. He was supposed to testify in the trial of Ricardo Orozco, accused of burglarizing the home of Cage's former girlfriend, stealing sex photographs and a video that reportedly involved Charlie Sheen.

Vela left Tuesday night to walk his 90-pound chocolate Labrador retriever named Koco, but the dog came back alone, dragging a bloody leash. Fiancee Kelly McLaren reported Vela missing. He was found safe but bruised Friday after disappearing Tuesday night while walking his dog, police said. Vela was found Friday afternoon at the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Division station, where he reported he had been kidnapped. The LAPD is investigating and released no other details. Darwin Vela, 22, is the key witness for the prosecution in a burglary case involving actor Nicolas Cage's ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton. Orozco, who was Christina Fulton's handyman, could face 25 years in prison under the state's three-strikes law. He has previous convictions for theft, robbery and sexual relations with a minor.

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