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Kevin Conroy’s Batman Legacy And Matt Bomer’s Lost Superman Role: A Tale Of Diversity In DC Universe


Key Takeaways:
– Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman in the for over 30 years.
– He came out as openly gay in 2016 but continued to be cherished in the DC universe.
– Fellow Travelers Matt Bomer discussed his experiences auditioning for a Superman role.
– Bomer believes his abrupt firing from the role was influenced by his sexual orientation, during a time when it was less accepted.

Meet Long-time Batman Actor Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy holds the record for playing Batman for the longest time. From Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, Conroy voiced the iconic character for over thirty years. His talent and dedication earned him a spot as one of the most respected figures in the DC world. Even after his passing, he is still deemed a legend by fans.

Interestingly, many fans might not be aware that Conroy was an openly gay actor. He publicly came out of the closet in 2016. Despite whispers in the about his sexuality, even during the conservative era of the 90s, Conroy managed to above such troubles and build the impactful career he's remembered for.

The Unsuccessful Superman With Matt Bomer

In a revealing interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Matt Bomer shed light on an interesting story about his ties with DC Studios. When director J.J. Abrams was working on the preliminary phase of Superman: Flyby, Bomer was set up to portray Superman.

Despite multiple auditions and even a probable contract signing, the project was never carried through. Bomer was also removed as a contender for the role midway through the auditioning phase.

Bomer's Predicament: Sexuality Influencing Roles

Matt Bomer disclosed his thoughts about his sudden firing from the Superman auditions. Around the time of his auditions, Bomer was outed to the public. Considering the timing of such incidents, he thinks that his sexual orientation had an impact on his disconnection with the role. He believes his identity was used as a weapon to push him out of the running, an unfortunate tactic that seemed to succeed.

Jackie Collins, the renowned author had once discussed similar incidents with GaydarOnline. She elaborated that although Bomer was not formally out of the closet back then, his sexuality was known to some in the industry. A stunning looking guy and the of White Collar, his attractiveness did not stand a against his sexual orientation.

Collins believes that Bomer was hindered by his own industry due to his sexuality. Allegedly, someone disclosed Bomer's orientation to the producers, leading to his sudden removal from the list of contenders.

Conclusion: The Gap In Hollywood

This narrative brings us face to face with the truth of prejudice that existed within Hollywood and specifically, the DC universe. It proudly welcomed Kevin Conroy despite his sexual orientation. On the other hand, Matt Bomer's potential Superman career was halted because of his. It pulls focus on the need for progression towards inclusivity within our beloved franchises, raising a question: are we truly there yet? The change we all aspire to witness takes more than just one diverse success story. It requires continuous efforts to erase such invisible barriers for the generation of to come.

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