Entertainment NewsKevin Bacon's Surprising Reflection on Footloose's 40th Anniversary

Kevin Bacon’s Surprising Reflection on Footloose’s 40th Anniversary


Key Takeaways:
– This year marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic Footloose.
– Kevin Bacon recognized the contribution of Dean Pitchford, who wrote the film's script and songs.
– Bacon performed in a tribute to Pitchford, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
– Bacon shared insights into the role that solidified his fame.
– Both Bacon and Pitchford expressed surprise about Footloose's enduring cultural impact compared to that of the title song.

Gather round, folks! Let's dive into some sweet nostalgia and celebrate the 40th anniversary of that amazing film, Footloose. Remember the exhilarating words “Let's !”? Of course, you do! These words wound up marking a significant moment in 80s pop , thanks to Kevin Bacon and that catchy theme song.

Who is responsible for this gem? Dean Pitchford wrote this nifty script and the catchy songs that we all know and love. He was rewarded with an induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame recently. Pretty cool, right? The ceremony took place at the Marquis in City on June 13.

Guess who paid a tribute to Pitchford at the ceremony? It was Bacon himself, along with his brother, Michael. What's more, they were joined by Deniece Williams, the voice behind “Let's Hear it for the Boy.”

During an at the event, Bacon got down-to-earth and shared some exciting behind-the-scenes stories. Pitchford, along with some key folks like the director and the producer, fought tooth and nail to get Bacon the lead role in Footloose. Despite the studio's initial objections, their efforts paid off. That's enough to warm your heart, right?

One might wonder, did Bacon anticipate the tremendous impact Footloose would have even years later? His simple response was “No.” He continued that he thought the song might stick around longer than the movie. Who can blame him for that guess?

Over the years, many have heard how Bacon found it challenging to shake off the charisma of that title song. Even Pitchford shared Bacon's surprise about how Footloose shaped pop culture despite being a small film.

Bacon's love for transcends Footloose. He is a songwriter himself and regards Pitchford as an equal. The of : Axel F praises Pitchford's career in high words. He admired how songwriters, often the unsung heroes, were recognized at such an event.

In sum, Footloose has proven to be a timeless treasure. With its 40th anniversary, we revisit the joy it has brought to many hearts and the significant impact it had on pop culture. Even today, it beautifully serves as a symbol whenever there's an outcry against restrictions on personal freedom. So here's to Footloose, to Bacon's intriguing insights, and to the undying spirit of dance and music!

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