Kelly Osbourne: If You Kick All Latinos Out of America, Who Is Going to Clean Your Toilets?

Kelly Osbourne was a guest co-host on 'The View' Tuesday and offended many viewers while trying to make a point about the presidential hopeful's own offensive remarks.

The episode was focusing only on Hot Topics and was reportedly going smoothly until The View brought up Donald Trump's standing in the pools. "He's confident that his poll numbers are just going to keep on rising." Whoop Goldberg then played a clip of Trump on ABC's This Week in which he said, "You have a black president who's done very poorly for the African Americans in this country, and I think I will win the African-American vote and I think I will win the Hispanic vote. You've seen the recent polls that came out. [Jonathan Karl>, you'll see that, because I'm leading in the Hispanic vote." Later on in the discussion Osbourne shares a very racist joke. "If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?" Osbourne said. "In the sense know what I mean? But I'm saying that in L.A., they always..." The other co-hosts were shocked, and Rosie Perez said, "Latinos are not only the only people doing that." Osbourne cut her off and said, "No, I didn't mean it like that! Come on! I would never mean it like that! I'm not part of this argument." Joe Seer / Twitter exploded with comments:
"How long until Kelly Osbourne's "apology" with her saying she has Hispanic friends and watches Dora the Explorer?" @callmedollar This Kelly Osbourne thing is an example of how liberal racism feels superior to right wing racism but is still just regular ol' racism... @stereowilliams
You watch the clip below: