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Kate Beckinsale – A Leisurely Venture into Van Helsing Despite Vampire Genre Hesitations


Key Takeaways:

, well-known for her Underworld , had initial reservations about taking on the role in Van Helsing.
– Despite these initial concerns, Beckinsale ultimately accepted her role in Van Helsing, recognizing it as a chance to expand her acting .
– Beckinsale's move into Van Helsing added depth and attracted new fans.

Kate Beckinsale, Not a Big Fan of Vampire Movies?

Can you believe Kate Beckinsale, the heart of the Underworld franchise, was initially skeptical about starring in vampire movies? Known for her thrilling performance as the vampire hunter Selene, she truly made a name for herself in action films. Yet, when offered a new role in a similar genre, she wasn't exactly jumping for joy.

Reluctance to Join Van Helsing

Beckinsale's breakout role as Selene in the Underworld film series secured her position in . However, when the opportunity to join Hugh Jackman in the 2004 Dracula movie, Van Helsing, presented itself, Beckinsale disclosed her initial reticence.

Her apprehension was largely due to a fear of being tied down to the supernatural vampire genre, which shot her to fame in the first place. In her heart, Beckinsale was just afraid of being typecast.

In a press junket she shared, “I was so surprised to do any vampire movies at all because I'm not into them at all. I remember when I got the script for [Van Helsing] even though it had vampires and werewolves in it, my character was so different because first of all, I'm not a vampire myself, my character was a gypsy, passionate and human.”

Much More than a Vampire Hunter

To those who have closely followed Beckinsale's career, her reluctance to join Van Helsing may seem surprising. But once the learned about her character, Anna Valerious, who was a sidekick to Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing and not, in fact, a vampire, she warmly embraced the role.

Playing Anna Valerious offered Beckinsale an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone. It also gave her fans a chance to see her in a new light. Beckinsale gave to Anna in a manner that added depth to Van Helsing's narrative. The protagonist was thrust into a centuries-old battle against Dracula, providing Beckinsale with a role that stretched her acting skills beyond her established Underworld persona.

Van Helsing – A Bold Step

By shedding off her initial uncertainty, Beckinsale made a bold move via the Van Helsing film. The movie was a unique blend of thrilling action sequences topped with elements of gothic horror.

Beckinsale's venture into the supernatural realm of Van Helsing allowed her to reach new audiences. Anna was a far cry from Selene, and Beckinsale took the challenge in stride, showcasing her versatility successfully.

Embrace the Unexpected

In the end, Beckinsale's venture into Van Helsing despite her initial reluctance, was a good decision. It opened up a new horizons for her career and she continued to entertain audiences all around the world. Beckinsale's journey offers an important lesson on embracing the unexpected, an action that can often lead to remarkable outcomes.


Kate Beckinsale leaves a legacy in Hollywood, not just as a vampire hunter in the Underworld series, but also as a passionate human in Van Helsing. It's fair to say that embracing new roles has added depth and versatility to her career. Step into Beckinsale's world by checking out Van Helsing on , and her iconic Underworld series on .

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