Justin Bieber Look-Alike Found Dead in a Los Angeles Motel

Reality star Tobias Strebel was found dead in a motel.

Justlin Bieber look-alike, Tobias Strebel was found dead after missing for nearly a week.

Botched reality TV star Tobias Strebel who is known for his similar appearance to Justin Bieber was found dead in a Motel 6 room on August 21st in North Hills, California. Strebel was only 35. According to reports, Strebel died August 21st at 5 p.m. An autopsy will be conducted this week in order to determine the cause of death. Strebel was reported missing earlier this month, having last been seen in West Hollywood on August 18th. He appeared on a 2014 episode of E! plastic surgery series Botched, where he revealed that he spent $100,000 on procedures in order to look like Justin Bieber. Strebel was a superfan and called Justin Bieber's face "extraordinarily beautiful."

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