Justin Bieber Suffers a Major Fall [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber fell through the stage during the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, stop of his Purpose World Tour on Thursday, June 16.

“Good thing I’m like a cat and I landed on my feet. That scared the f—- out of me,” Justin Bieber told the crowd at Thursday’s concert in Saskatoon, Canada, video of the event shows. Do you remember the time you fell over and everyone was watching? The shame and embarrassment you felt just happened to Justin Bieber. Bieber seemed to get a little distracted his jumper-tied-around-the-waist-for-style situation while performing on stage in Canada earlier this week when, not watching where he was going, he went and walked right off the stage. OUCH. Watching his body go limp like a rag doll, it’s seriously amazing he didn’t seriously get hurt. Luckily for Justin Beiber none of those things happened, but unfortunately the accidentally has gone viral. The crowd heard an audible thump from the scary tumble, but the “Sorry” singer proved the show must go on. He hoisted himself right back up to continue his performance. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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