Entertainment NewsJustin Bieber Changes Management, Teams Up with Johnny Depp's Financial Advisor

Justin Bieber Changes Management, Teams Up with Johnny Depp’s Financial Advisor


Key Takeaways:

– Justin Bieber changes his management, parting ways with his long-time manager Lou Taylor.
– Bieber is now working with Edward White, who also manages the financial affairs of .
– Bieber still maintains a business relationship with his long-standing manager, Scooter Braun.
– Edward White is famous for offering tax and consulting services to several Hollywood stars.
– Bieber's change in management follows his sale of his 291-song catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital for over $200 million in 2023.

Following a surprising of in the industry, pop singer Justin Bieber has altered his professional team dramatically. He's bid a fond farewell to his business manager of many years, Lou Taylor, opting instead for financial direction from Johnny Depp's advisor, Edward White. Bieber's choices indicate a big shift in his financial and managerial strategy.

Making Changes in the Bieber Team

Justin and Taylor reportedly share a history of productive partnership, having worked together for years managing Bieber's burgeoning business affairs. However, inside sources revealed that the duo agreed to part ways amicably. While Bieber maintains his professional association with his long-standing manager Scooter Braun, he has brought Edward White on board to manage his financial affairs, the responsibility he also fulfills for Johnny Depp.

Bidding Farewell to Lou Taylor, Hello to Edward White

As per sources and reports from PEOPLE magazine, Johnny Depp's finance manager, Edward White, is now also responsible for Justin Bieber's finances. This crucial role change happened after Bieber decided to part ways with his long-time business manager, Lou Taylor. At Tri Star and Group, Taylor was deeply involved with several of Bieber's companies like Bieber Time Touring LLC, Justin Bieber Brands LLC, and Bieber Time Merchandise. However, as of 2022, she's no longer working with these companies.

Bieber's Business Continuity with Scooter Braun

Despite Taylor's departure from Bieber's team, the pop sensation is not completely revamping his management. He continues to have Scooter Braun on his side, managing certain aspects of his business. Although Edward White has over the financial reins, Scooter still retains some control. Confirmations on this piece of news are however scarce as representatives of Bieber and Braun have refrained from commenting on the matter.

Edward White's Double Duty

Edward White, founder of Edward White & Co, is known for his expertise in tax and consulting services. After merging his -based firm with Eide Bailly, he has managed several Hollywood bigwigs like and business tycoon Allen Paulson. He is now preparing to add Bieber's impressive $285M business to his portfolio.

The move from Bieber has been tactful as Edward White has been managing Johnny Depp's finances since 2016. To ensure a smooth transition, Lou Taylor has been assisting Edward White and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Bieber's Smart Financial Move

This strategic managerial change comes on the heels of Bieber making a wise business move. In 2023, he sold his 291-song catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital for a whopping amount of over $200 million. This deal constituted all his song rights till the end of 2021, including his six studio albums. This decision could point to Bieber aiming for better management of his expanding wealth, and it would seem that Edward White has the right experience for the job.

In summary, the professional journey of Justin Bieber, marked by sound decisions and strategies, continues to evolve. Only time will tell how this new alliance with Edward White influences the pop star's stellar career and financial portfolio.

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