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Jude Law’s Superman Saga: A Role Not Endorsed by Himself

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New York, August 2, 2016: A large Superman symbol mounted to a building where Midtown Comics store is located. (Roman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock.com)

Key Takeaways:

– Jude Law was considered to portray Superman in a by Brett Ratner, titled ‘Superman: Flyby.'
– Law felt that the role was not compatible with his image, later stepping away from the opportunity.
– Other like Matt Bomer and Josh Hartnett were also being considered for the role.
– Eventually, Brandon Routh and later, Henry Cavill, took on the role of Superman.
– David Corenswet will be the next Superman in 's upcoming movie in 2025.

Ready to hear about a role that an talked himself out of? Well, brace up because that's the little juicy piece of news we've got for you today!

Jude Law, the actor with the captivating blue eyes, famous for his as Yonn-Rogg and Dumbledore, once had the chance to become the Man of Steel, Superman. However, while Law was seriously considered for the part in Brett Ratner's Superman: Flyby, he turned down the opportunity, and not because he lacked the physical strength for the role.

Jude Law and His Superman Fling

Talking to The Playlist, Law revealed that there was indeed a phase of flirtation going on between him and the idea of becoming the DC superhero. However, according to him, he always resisted because “it just felt like [off].” And not because he couldn't handle such major roles, he was clearly capable, but this particular one, it just didn't sit right.

Law also went through the whole costume testing phase, but he didn't get to try on Christopher Reeve's iconic Superman suit, sigh. The suit given to him for testing was more metallic, and although he felt a thrill at first gazing at his reflection in the mirror, he ultimately convinced himself that he couldn't go through with it. In his words, “You can't – you can't do this. You can't.”

The Superman Movie That Didn't Happen

Despite the ‘flirtation,' Law stepped away, and interestingly, that particular iteration of the Superman movie never happened. It was one of several was hoping to produce to revive the franchise, with J.J. Abrams providing the script. Law, however, was not the only actor in contention. Matt Bomer and Josh Hartnett were also on the casting shortlist.

Wondering what your beloved Law would look like as a superhero? Honestly, I it a bit tough picturing him as Superman. Though incredibly talented, he seems to lean more towards the villainous vibe, don't you think? Imagine him as The Riddler, in a ‘90s Batman movie, maybe?

Successful Supermen and the Future

Alas, after Law declined and other casting considerations, the Superman franchise eventually ended up casting Brandon Routh for Superman Returns. This was followed by Henry Cavill rocking the red cape in subsequent movies.

But wait, there are more Super-shenanigans! Come 11th, 2025, we will see David Corenswet take on the Superman role in James Gunn's movie. Now that's something we all can eagerly anticipate!

So, what do you think? Could Jude Law pull off the role of Superman, or was he right to step away? Would you have liked to see him in that metallic suit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let's get talking!

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