Entertainment NewsJosh Lucas Talks About Willem Dafoe's Warm Gesture during American Psycho Shooting

Josh Lucas Talks About Willem Dafoe’s Warm Gesture during American Psycho Shooting


Key Takeaways:
– Josh Lucas discusses Willem Dafoe's reassuring kindness during the making of .
faced skepticism before being cast as Patrick Bateman in the film.
– Despite a small budget, the psychological thriller went on to earn over $34 million in revenue.

In a recent discussion, actor Josh Lucas, mostly known for his role in , reflected on the compassionate demeanor displayed by seasoned actor Willem Dafoe during the shooting of the chilling film American Psycho.

Heartwarming Onset Encounters

Lucas played the part of Craig McDermott in the spine-tingling classic, directed by Mary Harron and based on Bret Easton Ellis' novel. During its making, Lucas acknowledged feeling overwhelmed and anxious. However, Dafoe, who impeccably portrayed private investigator Donald Kimball, offered his young co- some sage advice.

Upon confessing his nervousness to Dafoe, Lucas was greeted with understanding and encouragement. According to Lucas, Dafoe reassured him saying, ‘Man, if you're not nervous, something's wrong.' This counsel not only eased Lucas's worries but also became a guidance Lucas treasured during his acting journey.

Lucas's fond recollection shines a light on the camaraderie and solidarity behind the horrifying film, demonstrating that even within the realms of a shocking narrative like American Psycho, moments of genuine warmth and compassion can emerge.

A Timeless Classic: American Psycho

Despite its unsettling themes, the film has been critically acclaimed and continues to gain in popularity. With the of memes and digital , the film's themes have become even more relevant, connecting with a wider and establishing it as a timeless classic.

Significantly, American Psycho also starred Christian Bale, who delivered a jaw-dropping performance as Patrick Bateman, making the film a cult favorite. Interestingly, Bale's journey to embody Patrick Bateman had its hurdles as he faced skepticism from industry insiders.

Bale's Persistence Pays Off

Christian Bale's determination to play the lead role in American Psycho unarguably led to a groundbreaking performance. However, his journey towards achieving this was not without challenges.

Bale mentioned that except for the director, many folks within the industry were unsure of his suitability for the Bateman character. Despite facing initial opposition, his commitment to the character and determination to prove himself prevailed. Bale even prepared for the role when the part was taken by others, illustrating his unwavering dedication.

Although the film was produced on a shoestring budget of $7 million, its receipts exceeded all expectations, earning over $34 million, proving that passion can triumph over adversities.

In Closing

We are often encapsulated by the on-screen performances and ignore the human stories behind them. Lucas's revelation about Dafoe's support showcases actors' grit and camaraderie . Moreover, Bale's determination to secure the part of Bateman, despite facing considerable doubts, stands as an inspiration for emerging artists.

American Psycho's storytelling brilliance, coupled with memorable performances, still strikes a chord with viewers. It continues to attract audiences while inspiring actors to perseve, making its mark as a definitive psychological thriller. The film is currently available for streaming on .

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