Jordan Peele Shares Amazing Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers (VIDEO)

Jordan Peele shares amazing tips for aspiring writers and filmmakers

Jordan Peele is dedicated to his craft.  “Get Out” was a hit movie in 2017 and “Us” has dominated the 2019 box offices.

Peele started his career doing sketch comedy, finally to recognition for “Key and Peele” and is now arguably the best to do it since Shyamalan and Hitchcock.

Recently, a YouTuber named Tyler Mowery took the time to compile all of Jordan Peele’s advice on writing and mix it with the clips of “Get Out” that he’s referencing.

It is really great to hear how Peele has fun writing. A lot of his advice focuses on what he finds interesting and what would get him to go to the movies. Essentially, if you write like an audience member, then you will always have exciting and worthwhile content worth watching. Creating entertaining content can get you noticed and your projects produced, as it did for Jordan Peele.

Also, do not be afraid of controversy. Peele’s movies are about something and symbolize something greater than the storyline.

Also, when you are creating thriller content, it can help scare them with something they already fear in society or about themselves, which means you can not be afraid to discuss the difficult and controversial parts of life; the real world is scarier than anything in a movie.

Check out the full video above.