Entertainment NewsJon Hamm Eyes Role in Marvel Universe, Ignites Fan Speculation

Jon Hamm Eyes Role in Marvel Universe, Ignites Fan Speculation


Key Takeaways:
– Jon Hamm expresses interest in entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
have suggested roles for Hamm, including Mr. Sinister and Dr. Doom.
– Hamm's acting prowess has not been fully utilized in superhero like Green Lantern.
– His of diverse roles and awards for Mad Men underline his potential as a Marvel villain.


After turning down the role of Green Lantern, Jon Hamm, the face of Don Draper in Mad Men, is now keen to make a mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). His brilliant performances in films like and : Maverick have indicated Hamm's diverse acting range, making him a promising fit for the superhero film industry.

A Superhero Wish

In a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Hamm revealed his interest in becoming part of the superhero world. Despite rejecting the offer to play Green Lantern years ago, he's ever ready for a major role in MCU. He's also been in regular conversation with Marvel and DC execs about potential parts.

Hamm shared that the discussions weren't about specific roles like Iron Man, teasing that he's pitched himself for multiple roles in the Marvel universe. No one can ignore his love for comic and his eagerness to see where these conversations will lead.

Fans Cast Their Votes

As rumours reach the ears of eager fans, many are championing the charismatic actor for two of Marvel's deadliest villains, Mr. Sinister and Dr. Doom. Several took to social media to suggest these roles for Hamm. Some of them optimistically tweeted that Hamm would be their ideal Mr. Sinister in an X-Men reboot or a great Dr. Doom.

These roles suggest the fans trust Hamm's acting prowess and see his potential in villainous roles. However, there is no confirmation from Marvel studios yet, and it's up to them to decide if Hamm's charisma will be a part of their universe.

Hamm's Previous Plights in

Hamm's journey to stardom wasn't always smooth, reflecting on his acclaimed role in Mad Men; he revealed he was grossly underpaid. This role, which won him multiple Golden Globe and Emmy awards, did not initially reflect in his paycheck.

He disclosed how he made the production team realize his worth during the fourth season of Mad Men. Threatening to walk away, he managed to wrestle out a well-deserved pay rise, suggesting his determination and dedication to his craft.

Hamm's Future Endeavours

Despite the financial hurdles, Jon Hamm remains revered for his role as Don Draper. He even reprised it in 's Unfrosted. Hamm also starred in and is set to voice Sentinel Prime in Transformers One, scheduled to hit theatres in September 2024.

Hamm's transition to the MCU would be a refreshing turn in his career, allowing him to engage his passion for the comic book world and showcase his in a different genre. It will be interesting to follow his conversations with Marvel and DC heads, and whether he will clinch a role true to his charisma and talent.

In Conclusion

Hamm has proven his versatility in roles ranging from comedy to drama. His interest in entering the MCU has fans excited and speculating about his potential roles. Whether Hamm will end up donning the capes and costumes of Mr. Sinister or Dr. Doom, only time will tell. Currently, fans and the actor himself are eagerly waiting for Marvel to make the next move.

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