Entertainment NewsJoey Chestnut's Hot Dog Eating Challenge Moves to Netflix Amid Ban

Joey Chestnut’s Hot Dog Eating Challenge Moves to Netflix Amid Ban


Key Takeaways:
– Joey Chestnut, the renowned competitive eater, has been banned from the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on 4th.
unveiled Chestnut would now participate in a Netflix-hosted hot dog eating competition, facing Takeru Kobayashi on Labor Day.
– Chestnut's ban from the renowned contest follows his sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods, considered a rival brand by Major League Eating.
– Despite his recent retirement announcement, Kobayashi is eager to compete against Chestnut one more time.

In a surprising twist, Netflix is stepping into the live arena, bringing a hot dog eating competition to its global audiences. The eaters Joey “” Chestnut and 's Takeru Kobayashi are set to make Labor Day incredibly exciting.

Starting With a Gulp

The major news this week has been all about competitive eating. Especially since Chestnut, with 16 victories at the Nathan's contest under his belt, revealed he had been uninvited to compete due to his sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods. Major League Eating perceived this as a conflict because they consider Impossible Foods to be a rival brand. This somewhat cloudy scenario left Chestnut, the undisputed hot dog eating champion banned from the iconic July 4th event.

Chestnut didn't hold back his disappointment, turning to social media to express his deep regret and surprise at the decision. His sporting spirit intact, he promised distraught that they will not be deprived of seeing him compete for long. Chestnut assured his fans he will be back and in action soon.

The Surprise Match

The announcement that Netflix would a hot dog eating showdown between Chestnut and Kobayashi has added a shot of excitement to the mix. Kobayashi, a retired competitive eater famous for his records in feasting upon everything from buffalo wings to cow brains, expressed his excitement over facing Chestnut one last time. He stated, “Retiring for me will only happen after I take him down one last time.” The mouth-watering faceoff is set for September 2nd, ensuring fans won't have long to wait for their favourite activity.

Although the sporting world was saddened by Chestnut's ban from the Nathan's event, Netflix's announcement has been hailed as the silver lining. With Netflix's reach and , fans across the globe can cheer for their favourites from the comfort of their homes.

Your Take

As we up for the epic Netflix showdown, it's clear that the world of competitive eating is far from its final course. Though the ban might have left a sour taste for many, Joey Chestnut's showdown with Takeru Kobayashi has given fans something to eagerly anticipate.

So, how do you feel about the ban and Netflix's new offering? Will you be tuning in this Labor Day to witness the bite-sized battle between these two titans of competitive eating?

To sum up, despite the initial disappointment of Chestnut's ban from the Nathan's contest, the announcement of this exciting match on Netflix has assuaged fans' concerns. We can't wait to see who comes out on top this Labor Day!

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