Jim Carrey Reveals Tommy Lee Jones Hated Him on 'Batman Forever'

Celebrity Feud - Tommy Lee Jones Hated Jim Carrey while filming the Batman sequel, Batman Forever.

Jim Carrey went on The Howard Stern Show yesterday to convince everyone to see Dumb and Dumber To and relive previous life experiences. But, during the course of the conversation with the Howard Stern crew Carey directly addressed an old rumor that Tommy Lee Jones hated Jim Carrey while they filmed Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever.  Tommy Lee Jones played Two-Face and Jim Carrey was The Riddler in Batman Forever. One year prior to filming, Dumb and Dumber made $16M in its opening weekend and would later make $247M in the box office. Jim Carrey's movie opened against Cobb starring Tommy Lee Jones. Cobb centered around the baseball player Ty Cobb. Cobb ended up making less than a million dollars in theaters and $64,000 its opening weekend. Jim Carrey explains his first meeting with Jones in the video below. But, here's the transcribed version by Uproxx.
“I was really looking forward to working with Tommy, because he’s a fantastic actor, and he still is to me. I love him, I mean he’s amazing, but he was a little crusty. He was a little crusty. Sometimes that Rhodes Scholarship is more of a weapon than an asset. “I think he was just a little freaked out because Dumb and Dumber came out on the same weekend as Cobb, and Cobb was his big swing for the fences and that didn’t work out and that freaked him out a bit. “I walked into a restaurant the night before our big scene in The Riddler’s lair. [The maître d informed Carrey that Tommy Lee Jones was also in the restaurant.> “I went up to say hi [to Jones] and the blood drained from his face, in such a way that I realized that I had become the face of his pain or something. He got up, kind of shaking and hugged me and said ‘I hate you. I really don’t like you.’ And I was like ‘Wow, okay. Well, what’s going on man?’ And he said, ‘I cannot sanction your buffoonery.’[...] I said, ‘I think this part requires that the tone of this thing is kind of childlike evil and stuff, and I think you might have trouble there, so I wish you the best.'” [emphasis ours]
It is not easy to be an actor. You are putting yourself out there for millions to criticize, patronize and even ignore. Kudos to Jim Carrey for going out on set the following day and doing the Batman Forever scene knowing that your fellow actor hates your guts. That's true acting! You can catch the full interview here: What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.