Jessica Chastain Absolutely Bashes Hollywood Sexist Auditions (VIDEO)

Hollywood’s casting couch culture is notoriously sexist. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emmy Rossum have already spoken out about it before. And in a new sketch  Friday's Tonight Show, Jessica Chastain took another dig at the famously toxic process.

In the skit, CHastain shows up at an audition to read for the role of “Angela”. The part seems straightforward until the casting director starts asking her to  "do it again, but hot" and, in a truly cringeworthy moment, to read her lines like a "spicy little peppermint with a secret." (Of course, when a male actor comes in to audition, he receives no notes.)

It's a surprisingly incisive moment for the fun-and-games Tonight Show. Let's hope there's more of the same to come.

Check out the video below:

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