Jersey Shore Producer Facing a Class Action Lawsuit Over an Alleged "Pay Scheme"

Jersey Shore's production company 495 productions is in some hot water and we are not talking about a Jacuzzi.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a former video editor is saying that 495 Productions developed a pay scheme that made sure he was not paid fairly.  
A former video editor has filed a class action lawsuit against 495 Productions, the company behind Jersey Shore and other reality programs, charging them with unfair business practices and saying they failed to pay for overtime work, violated minimum wage laws and acted improperly in other ways. He says he was paid $1,250 per week and was only paid overtime if he worked more than 60 hours in a single week. Other charges in the lawsuit include failure to pay the minimum wage for hours worked; failure to pay all wages in a timely manner; and failure to provide accurate itemized statements to the employees.
So essentially, the law suit points out that 495 productions created  a "pay scheme" that forces hourly employees to accept a flat salary for 60 hours of work a week. “This is done in order to make it falsely appear the defendants pay scheme complies with California overtime laws,” says the suit. What do you think of the law suit? Do you think the employees should be compensated? Leave us a comment below!

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