Jennifer Lawrence: 'Hunger Games' Was A "F**king Failure"

Why Jennifer Lawrence Was Scared to Play Katniss in Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence has history of being extremely friendly and candid on the red carpet or during interviews. But, at the same time she is extremely honest. During the Producer's Guild Awards, Jennifer Lawrence presented an award to the CEO of Lionsgate, the studio behind "The Hunger Games" franchise. As she presented the award she was extremely frank. “Jonn was charged to insure that Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” incredible trilogy of books was respectfully brought to life in four films and it was a … large f—-ing failure!” she reportedly joked. Earlier in her speech, Jennifer joked about how scared she was to do the presentation.Jennifer Lawrence “I normally say no to this kind of thing on the account of my crippling anxiety and the unbreakable bond between woman and couch,” Lawrence claimed. “But I when I heard it was for Feltheimer, I had to say yes because I just assumed that I was contractually obligated but then when I found out that I wasn’t, I had already picked out this dress.” Her anxiety was the reason why she chose the role of Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games “I was so afraid of signing on to these movies a few years ago because something that size can make or break a career,” Lawrence told the audience. “I put my trust in Lionsgate and they put their trust in me and now I think we have a strong and amazing relationship that I hope lasts until my career dies at 35.” After three Oscar nominations and one win at the same age most people are graduating college, Jennifer Lawrence's career is only skyrocketing.