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Jack Black’s Missed Chance at Playing Green Lantern: A Comedy Twist That Never Happened


Key Takeaways:

– In the early 2000s, Jack Black was considered to be the .
– The movie went through a rewrite to use more and had Robert Smigel on board as the .
– Despite excitement from Black, fan backlash caused the to be shelved.
– Despite fans' initial objections to Black's comedic approach, many believe it may have been preferable to the version produced with Ryan Reynolds.

Jack Black and the Green Lantern Movie That Never Was

Years before Ryan Reynolds took on the role of the Green Lantern in a that was widely considered to be one of the worst superhero movies, Jack Black was slated to bring the character to life on screen. Instead of the traditional superhero dramatics, the movie planned to have a comedic tone. This was back in 2004, and despite plans being in place, fan outrage caused the project to be abandoned.

DC Fans Reject Green Lantern Comedy Concept

The idea of reinventing the Green Lantern as a comedic figure was a surprising one, and it was met with strong pushback from fans. The Green Lantern had previously been a serious and intense character. Turning him into a comedic figure just didn't sit well with the fans who knew him best. This left Jack Black, known for hits like School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda, disappointed as he was excited about the project. He even had comic of his own, involving capturing villains with green prophylactics.

Unfulfilled Hopes and a Disappointing Result

The script for this movie had been in development since 1997, and after several rewrites and changes in direction, it ended up with director Martin Campbell and Ryan Reynolds as the lead. However, the resulting movie was far from the success that they would have hoped for. In fact, the film was so poorly received that Reynolds considered it a black mark on his and that he became virtually unhirable in the aftermath.

On a lighter note, the making of the film did lead to the real-life romance between co-stars Reynolds and Blake Lively. This remains one of the few positives fans associate with the project.

Pondering the What-Ifs

In retrospect, fans and industry insiders alike have wondered if maybe the comedic angle with Jack Black would have been the better option. After all, the Green Lantern film they ended up with was a major disappointment, with critique leveled at things like the chemistry between Reynolds and Lively and the lackluster special effects.

Black, known for his comic chops, may have brought a unique and amusing twist to the superhero. He was passionate about the project and undoubtedly would have put his heart into creating a Green Lantern film that would have stood apart from typical superhero fare.

The Green Lantern Today

Though a disappointment in its day, the Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds is still available for rent on platforms like AppleTV+. Despite the checkered past of the character on the big screen, there are likely many out there who could still find something to enjoy about the movie.

As for Jack Black, despite missing out on the chance to play a superhero, he remains one of 's most loved and successful comedic . And who knows? Perhaps in the future, he might yet get another shot at a superhero role. Sometimes, the most unconventional casting choices can lead to the greatest surprises.

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