It's Official! 'Friday the 13th' TV Series is Coming Soon

'Friday the 13th' TV series is coming soon and CW Network is now casting lead roles.

Back in March, Project Casting reported that Friday the 13th may be headed to a small screen near you. At The CW's TCA press day on Tuesday, network president Mark Pedowitz made it official by saying 'Friday the 13th' TV series is in development, and the creators of NBC's 1996 series 'The Pretender' are writing the script. Not to be confused with the 1980s series, this new 'Friday the 13th' TV show is being described by Deadline as "a sophisticated, horror/crime thriller” that will follow “the ongoing quest of a detective’s search for his missing brother that is somehow tied to Jason Voorhees, a long-thought dead serial killer who has now returned to wreak havoc in the new Crystal Lake.” The Movie “Friday the 13th” is Being Made into a TV Series The new hour-long drama will be executive produced by Sean S. Cunningham, the director of the original 1980 film. There is no word as of yet if the story from the upcoming movie reboot will affect the events that transpire on the small screen. In addition, CW Network did not reveal if they have found the cast of the upcoming Friday the 13th series as well. Expect casting calls to hit the internet in the next few weeks.