Entertainment NewsIs The Rising Cost Of Physical Media A Challenge For Collectors?

Is The Rising Cost Of Physical Media A Challenge For Collectors?


Key Takeaways:
– Major retailers such as Best Buy have stopped selling DVDs and Blu-Rays, with Walmart taking on the majority of physical media.
– Boutique media labels offer unique releases but at a premium price.
– Due to the niche nature of physical media collecting, prices have increased.
– Consumers are urged to “vote with their wallets” by supporting fair practice companies.
– Collectors are encouraged to share their buying experiences, favorite sellers and opinions on whether the cost of physical media has become excessive.

In 2024, we have seen physical media struggle to retain its space in many major retailers. Best Buy has stopped stocking DVDs and Blu-Rays altogether, and has also significantly reduced their physical media section. On a brighter note, Walmart has stepped into the breach, acquiring Best Buy's supply, which means steelbooks that were once offered by Best Buy are now available at Walmart.

However, for media collectors, shopping at Walmart can have its downsides. Anyone who has shopped there knows that the security measures can sometimes result in damaged goods on the shelves. at Amazon as an alternative, one finds it's hardly a better experience. Adding to these woes are the rampant pricing issues in the world of physical media.

I am genuinely a fan of boutique labels like Factory, Arrow , and Vestron Video, among others. These labels offer amazing releases that I never thought we'd see. It's exciting to see niche films like The Guyver getting a 4K release. However, premium releases often come with premium price tags, which may not be viable for every film.

The cost of streaming is another area of contention. Streaming sites have been increasing their prices regularly. Moreover, the current crackdown on password sharing makes streaming less viable. However, the switch to physical media isn't feasible for everyone. For instance, the lowest cost of a 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray player stands at a hefty $200.

I fondly remember a time when movies came out with a starting price of $19.99. You could easily get a brand-new for approximately $15 during the initial week of its release. However, these days, the price of a new Blu-Ray release is rarely less than $25. If you're interested in a new 4K release, expect to pay upwards of $30.

Bargain bins aren't offering much relief either. Gone are the days of finding $5 Blu-rays in Walmart's bargain bin. As physical media becomes more geared towards collectors, prices continue to rise. With a smaller market, businesses seem to be shifting their release strategies to cater to collectors, thus pushing up prices for regular consumers. The recently announced 4K Steelbook is priced at a concerning $35, demonstrating the state of the .

How do we solve this? The first stepping stone is to speak up with our wallets. By identifying and avoiding businesses that practice excessive pricing, we can ensure that physical media collecting doesn't into an expensive nightmare for collectors.

We would to hear from our readers about their experience. Do you still collect physical media? What is the highest price you've ever paid for a movie? Who's your favorite boutique media seller? Please share your story with us in the comments.

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