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Is Mad Max: The Wasteland Turning Real or Remains a Mirage?

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Key Takeaways:

– Uncertainties shroud the future of : The Wasteland due to multiple reasons.
– After 's release, George Miller hasn't returned immediately towards the franchise.
– The furiosa script was complete before Fury Road began filming; however, The Wasteland is still under development.
– A recurrence of Tom Hardy as Max is uncertain.

In the of 2010, George Miller, the auspicious director toted twin sequels for his apocalyptic franchise – Mad Max – Mad Max: Fury Road and Furiosa. However, the duo of sequels suffered a split, and Mad Max: Fury Road flew solo with a grueling five-month filming schedule around the Namibian deserts. With the sequel's release in 2015, Miller hinted at another story under progress titled Mad Max: The Wasteland. Strangely, nine years since, the Furiosa has screened, yet The Wasteland's fate dangles in obscurity.

The “Mad Max” and Its Impact

When one ponders why we haven't returned to the world of Max Rockatansky right after Mad Max: Fury Road, factors come into light. First, Miller had directed his craft towards a different, smaller-scale project, the Three Thousand Years of Longing, which was only created and released years past Fury Road. Further, a lawsuit reportedly filed by Miller against Warner Bros, the home studio, for unpaid Fury Road earnings, slowed down the franchise's pace. This legal entanglement was supposedly resolved by 2019, paving the way for the making of Furiosa.

The Wasteland: Story Still Under Wraps

Miller had stated about his completed screenplay, Furiosa, way before Fury Road's filming initiated. However, Mad Max: The Wasteland, narrated in a novella, is still under development and requires adaptation into a screenplay. As per his latest update in 2022, the story still lingers on the evolution fence. With the narrative's backdrop set before the events of Fury Road, Furiosa will not be a part of the new story.

Interestingly, Miller and his partner Nico Lathouris have crafted a Mad story published in a two-part comic book released during Fury Road. It unfolded Max competing for a V8 engine for his car and embarking on a rescue mission in a ruined city. This could be a possible storyline for future exploration.

Tom Hardy in The Wasteland?

With the gap between the sequels widening, questions surface about Tom Hardy reprising his role as Max in The Wasteland. While Hardy welcomed the idea of a sequel, Miller threw some reservations, perhaps due to the challenges encountered during Fury Road. Surprisingly, Hardy was replaced by his stunt double Jacob Tomuri for Furiosa's cameo, adding more fuel to the speculations. Hardy's recent statement questioning the possibility of The Wasteland further clouds the future.

Would Miller be Directing The Wasteland?

Miller's return to the wasteland for Mad Max: The Wasteland would indeed be sensational. However, age is catching up on the accomplished director, making such massive undertakings challenging. Miller has named three directors, including Guillermo del Toro, whom he would entrust with his legacy.

The Future Hinges on Furiosa's Figures

Furiosa, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, didn't strike on its opening weekend in the theatres, adding to the obstacles for Mad Max: The Wasteland. This underperformance might make Warner Bros question the 's desire to return to the wasteland. A contrastingly successful performance by a Max-centred film might tilt the scales.

The truth remains unknown regarding the future of Mad Max: The Wasteland. A lot will depend on , and whether the story fully evolves with Miller and Lathouris hard at . The hope lives on, with Miller hinting at another Max story beyond The Wasteland.



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