Interview with Michelle Monaghan About Working on HBO's 'True Detective'

HBO's True Detective's Michelle Monaghan (Maggie) recently sat down with HBO in an interview that looked into her perspective of the series and the latest episode "Haunted House".

The interview really looked into the way the two main characters, Rusty and Marty evolved over the course of time as well as Maggie's emotional character development. HBO asked her about working with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in a show that covers people's relationships over 20 years and she commented that it was exciting to 'physically age but emotionally age over an extended period of time.' Michelle Monaghan pointed out that all the actors spoke with Nic Pizzolatto, the series creator prior to filming and during filming about their respective characters. Pizzolatto gave them a biography for all of the different characters. But, she added one of the highlights of working with Nic Pizzolatto was that he was always on set and ask questions. "It's so refreshing to have the creator and the director present for all eight episodes and it proved to be invaluable from week to week. I felt like our characters kept getting more depth."

For the full interview and an inside look at HBO's 'True Detective' Click Here!


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