Here's Why Everyone is Freaking Out on Instagram Right Now


New Instagram changes has D-list celebrities freaking out.

If you are following more than just your close group of friends on Instagram, you may have noticed a several photos pleading followers to "Turn notifications on!" or you may have seen the hashtag #TurnMeOn in your newsfeed with an arrow. Related: New Feature No Body Wants is Coming to Instagram That arrow is pointing to the ellipsis located above every post in a mobile Instagram feed that leads to an option for turning on post notifications, meaning followers will be notified each time a new post is uploaded. Related: Selena Gomez is The Most Followed Person on Instagram In a post published on Monday, Brian Feldman explained to The Cut why this is suddenly happening. Apparently, “Instagram will stop arranging photos in your feed in simple reverse chronological order, instead sorting them algorithmically based on your behavior.” Just like your Facebook feed. He continues:
In an attempt to avoid getting buried by the algorithm, accounts are pleading with their fans to turn on post notifications. Note that this doesn’t mean that the accounts will be unaffected by the algorithm — it means that you will get a notification on your phone every time the account posts a photo.
A-list celebrities will not have to worry because people with large follower accounts will not be affected by the change, and their fans will continue to see their posts. But lower ranked celebrities, and possibly family members, will not be seen in the Instagram news feed. And this has D-list Insta-famous celebrities worried. Their precious medium that once treated everyone fairly, will soon become a popularity contest and will inevitably force people to buy Instagram Ads in order to increase their popularity on the photo sharing social media app. Ultimately D-list celebrities cannot compete with Kylie Jenner. Related: 50 Cent: Money In Instagram Photos Are Fake That is why your seeing tons of posts like this on your Instagram feed:

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However, Instagram promises they will "let you know when changes roll out broadly."
That hasn't stopped many Instagram users from voicing their frustration with the service on Twitter. Related: Hollywood Actress Faces 6 Months in Jail After This Instagram Photo

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