How Will Smith Got Into Character for 'Concussion' Movie Role

Many critics are calling Will Smith's acting in the upcoming NFL expose movie, Concussion, an oscar winning performance.

Recently, Will Smith sat down with reporters during the AFI Fest world premiere to reveal what it was like working on Concussion as well as addressing some inside secrets behind the movie. Concussion, which is based on a true story, centers on Omalu, an immigrant pathologist who discovers a football-related brain disease called CTE while researching the death of former Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will smith described what it was like getting into character and and his acting process in the movie. In preparation for the role, Smith spent months and months researching with Omalu, specifically watching him and other pathologists perform autopsies.
"There’s such a high level of spirituality involved when Bennet is performing an autopsy. Finding that connection to the dead, I saw a human body dismantled. ... I got such a powerful sense that the human being is not their body," Smith explained. "So, I’m looking and I’m watching him connect, but the thing … the soul, the battery — whatever the thing is that makes a human being a human being — is not this. Because all of that stuff was still there, all the pieces were still there, except that very thing."
Will Smith hopes this movie will change lives. "Hollywood is a very powerful medium of change, [it is> a way we could talk to the people," he said. "When you know the truth, it sets you free … that is what America is about: land of the free, home of the brave."

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