How Victoria's Secret Models Work Out Before Fashion Week

A Victoria's Secret model reveals her training schedule and diet before New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion shows in the world. With fashion designers, models, and retailers flying to the Big Apple to be a part of the NYFW process. However, models are the ones who make the fashion shows an actual success. So, how does a Victoria's Secret model prepare for New York Fashion Week. Well, it's hard work and dedication. According to a report by the Observer model Bridget Malcolm reveals how she gets in shape for New York Fashion week. Observer

Ms. Malcolm trains for shows the way a runner prepares for a marathon or a boxer preps to enter the ring;

The workout began with an jump rope warm up with Mr. Olajide’s custom weighted jump rope; it would exhaust a mere mortal, but Ms. Malcolm only looked slightly winded. Throughout her regular fitness regime, Mr. Olajide explained his workouts, which focus on sculpting and cardio.

Fashion shows are different than typical modeling. Models are forced to have a certain physique and trainers are specifically training their models for fashion shows. “When the exercise dominates, you see muscle,” Mr. Olajide, Bridget Malcom's trainer told Observer. “Sometimes, even the abs can look too hard. You want that softness. It’s a different kind of body. It’s a show body, which is what they need. Everyone’s eyes are looking for the smallest detail, so they want to feel very comfortable and confident. It’s a challenge, but a fun challenge,” he said. But, what does a Victoria's Secret model eat? "She swears by starting the day with black coffee and coconut oil, adores protein shakes and loads up on veggies, including the kale salad from Australian Tuck Shop in Chelsea Market. She always makes sure to leave 12 hours between breakfast and dinner." Source: The Observer

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