How Tom Holland Saved Spider-Man (VIDEO)

Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The short fallout between Sony and Disney over the Spider-Man franchise was arguably one of the most significant Marvel moments of 2019. But, the most fantastic part of the story is how actor Tom Holland managed to save the superhero franchise. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor explains how he managed to convince executives from two of the biggest media companies to continue working together, albeit, it took a little bit of liquid courage. “We were at D23, which is the big Disney convention, and the news had come out, and I was honestly devastated,” he said. “I asked if I could get Bob’s email because I just wanted to say thank you.” After getting Iger’s email, Holland wrote to him, saying that he had changed the actor’s life in “the best way.” Holland continued: “He responded very quickly, saying, ‘I’d love to jump on the phone with you at some point. When are you free?’ And you don’t give Bob Iger a schedule. It’s like, ‘Whenever, Bob!’” Iger later called Holland, but at a somewhat awkward time. Holland explains he was at a local pub quiz with his family and had already had a few drinks. Cheered on by his father, Holland picked up the phone, and Iger told him that “there is a world where we could make this work.” Ultimately, the conversation led to more talks between Disney and Sony, which resulted in the two companies coming to a workable agreement, keeping Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Continue Reading:

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