Entertainment NewsHow to Respond to Casting Calls and Acting Auditions

How to Respond to Casting Calls and Acting Auditions


Learn how to respond to casting calls

Casting directors filter through hundreds, if not thousands of head-shots and resumes every day. So how do you effectively stand out from the crowd, and not have your submission thrown in the trash? So, here is a list of helpful hints on what to do for submitting to roles.

  • Take your time- Avoid sending a blank email with just a head-shot and a resume. Take your time and make each email seem that it took time and effort before you press send on your computer screen. Avoid sending visible generic emails. For example, “To whom it may concern” is an evident and dead giveaway that this email is simply a draft that is recycled over and over to numerous casting directors. Take your time and do your research on the casting director. Something as simple as addressing them by their name can go a long way.
  • Ask Questions- If you have any questions or concerns, address them in your email. It is often considered rude to quit a project later because you failed to ask the casting director earlier for more information. There is “usually” no such thing as a dumb question.
  • Submit Wisely – Do not submit to something you do not fit the description. Casting directors must filter through thousands of head-shots and resumes every day, and by offering your information to something that does not apply to you makes their job more difficult. Thus, probably less likely to hire you in the future.
  • Create an Acting resume- Your professional resume should stand alone from your acting resume. Your professional resume and acting resume are two different things in the entertainment industry. So, take the time to write a resume on your acting experiences. If you are not sure how to create an acting resume, then visit Getting Started. Furthermore, do not include your background, stand-in, or photo double work in your acting resume. Those areas of practice do not illustrate your acting talent.
  • Submit Authentic Pictures- Do not submit older pictures of yourself. You want your head-shots to resemble what you look like regularly, not twenty years ago.
  • Do NOT Procrastinate– Typically, the earlier you submit the hirer your chances. So do not wait until the last minute to submit to any opportunity. Most of the time, the people who waited ultimately missed their chance of acting in a major feature film.
  • Personalize- Personalize your email or cover letter. Here is a great example to draw casting directors attention:

“Hi (Name of the Casting Director),

I saw your Casting Call for the new film (Name of the Film) on Project Casting’s website, and I would like to be considered for the role of (Name of the Character). This sounds like a fantastic project, and I felt that I connected personally with (something related to the project). I firmly believe I would be great for this role because of my acing experience (highlight some acting experience that you had in the past).

Thank you,

(your name)”


Take your time, and take pride in the email that you are sending out to casting directors. Little things in the entertainment industry go a long way.

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