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How T.I’s Reported ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ During a Table Reading Got Him Fired

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Morgan Freeman's Commitment to Craft Evident in ‘Last Vegas' Cast Decision

Key Takeaways:
– Morgan Freeman ousted rapper T.I. from the star-studded cast of the 2013 comedy film, ‘Last Vegas.'
– T.I.'s inappropriate behavior during a table reading of the movie script resulted in his dismissal.
– Despite the rapper's departure, ‘Last Vegas' proved successful at the , grossing $134.4 million
– The film is now available on Fubo for streaming.

Actor Morgan Freeman's dedication to professionalism in the movie industry is not a secret. As evident from his decision to dismiss popular rapper T.I. from the ensemble cast of the 2013 comedy film ‘Last Vegas.' Freeman's commitment to his craft led to this uncompromising decision after witnessing unprofessional conduct from the rapper during a table read.

The Unveiling of T.I.'s Unprofessionalism

T.I., or Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., is well-known in the hip hop scene and has ventured into acting with appearances in movies like ‘ATL,' ‘American Gangster,' ‘Takers,' and 's ‘Ant-Man.' When offered a supporting role in ‘Last Vegas' alongside Freeman, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline, it appeared to be another highlight in his acting career.

However, his lack of professionalism drove a wedge into his involvement with ‘Last Vegas.' Recounting the incident on his ‘expediTIously' podcast, T.I. confessed to dozing off multiple times during the table read. This behavior irked Freeman, who addressed his conduct in front of the other cast members and eventually led to T.I.'s dismissal from the film the following day.

Film's Success Unaffected by T.I.'s Exit

Despite T.I.'s claims on his podcast that the film “tanked” after his abrupt exit, ‘Last Vegas' enjoyed considerable success at the box office. With a budget of $28 million, the movie raked in $134.4 million, debunking the rapper's assertion. Further proving the film's success had to do with his presence.

However, critical reception of the film was not as warm as its commercial dynamics. Garnering a modest 46% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film's consensus tagged it a subpar ‘Hangover' imitation. Yet, the star-powered lineup, including a once-attached Jack Nicholson, added a touch of class that kept audiences engaged.

T.I.'s Full Payment and Continued Success

Interestingly, ‘Last Vegas' still T.I. his full guaranteed salary despite his firing. This incident did not significantly harm his acting career. He continued to find success, even playing a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rapper also forged a talent holding/development deal with Warner Bros. in 2015.

In conclusion, Freeman's refusal to compromise on professionalism in ‘Last Vegas' serves as a reminder of his principled approach to acting. The film's triumph, regardless of T.I.'s ill-mannered conduct and subsequent dismissal, represents a haven for true talent and dedication to craft over star power alone.

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