How Oprah Made Nearly $14 Million Off a Single Tweet

Oprah made $13.8 million tweeting about how much she loves to eat bread.

Weight Watchers stock soars nearly 20% after Winfrey plugs a carb-friendly diet program. On Tuesday, the new Weight Watchers owner posted and pinned a tweet claiming that she's lost 26 pounds on the popular program, despite eating bread every day. Immediately after her Twitter post, WTW stock soared, going up to nearly 20% percent for the day. From TheWrap:

Here comes the math lesson. Winfrey owns 10 percent of the company, or 15 percent when stock options are exercised. Weight Watchers has 63,621,022 shares outstanding, which would mean Winfrey owns 6,362,102.2 of those, without even exercising her option.

That means on Tuesday, Winfrey’s shares jumped in value a total of $13,805,761.80. Not bad for 31-seconds worth of work, and what sounds like a ton of ciabatta.

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