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How Bob Odenkirk Nearly Died on Set of ‘Better Call Saul’


Key Takeaways:

, famed for his role as Saul Goodman in , survived a heart attack on the set of his show, Better Call Saul.
• Odenkirk shared how an inexperienced paramedic's delayed reaction nearly turned his scare into a tragedy.
• Despite the incident, the actor was able to return to the set weeks later and continues to share his experiences from his time on Breaking Bad.

On-Set Heart Attack: Bob Odenkirk Recalls Terrifying Incident

Bob Odenkirk, renowned for his fascinating portrayal of Saul Goodman in the hit series Breaking Bad, recently shared a nerve-wracking personal ordeal. In a chat with Multiple Talking Women podcast, recounted via FandomWire, the actor detailed his shocking experience suffering a heart attack on the set of the prequel -off, Better Call Saul.

Odenkirk vividly remembered the severe discomfort he before collapsing unexpectedly in the middle of the on July 28, 2021. In this terrifying moment, a paramedic attended to him quickly but froze, mouthing ‘Oh No' before the actor lost consciousness.

An Inexperienced Paramedic: A Close Call

The situation escalated due to the emergency medical professional's inexperience, which almost turned the heart attack into a more serious disaster. Fortunately, Odenkirk survived the ordeal and promptly received successful treatment at a local hospital, enabling him to return to filming after a few weeks.

Reflecting on the incident, Odenkirk revealed that the paramedic who attended to him had hesitated due to it being his first day on the job as well as his lack of experience with performing CPR. However, the medical attendant managed to overcome his initial shock and provided the necessary help, averting a potentially tragic outcome.

Odenkirk's Experience in Breaking Bad

Interestingly, apart from the intense health scare, Odenkirk also shared details about his time on the iconic show, Breaking Bad. He appeared onstage during a recent SAG Awards reunion of the show's celebrated ensemble cast, including Bryan Cranston, , and Anna Gunn.

While Odenkirk's character – the resourceful and crafty lawyer Saul Goodman – entered the in season 2, the actor shared that he did not feel a part of the series initially. He appreciated his co-stars for making him feel included and stated that his camaraderie with the cast developed much later.

Furthermore, Odenkirk amusingly confessed that he had watched merely 10 minutes of Breaking Bad before joining the series, proving to be a fun ice-breaker with lead actor Bryan Cranston. Remarkably, this lack of familiarity did not deter Odenkirk from delivering a memorable performance and eventually earning his own standalone show with Better Call Saul.

As eagerly anticipate the final season of Better Call Saul, Odenkirk's heart attack revelation serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable challenges that can occur . Amid these experiences, the actor's ability to maintain a sense of humor and perspective on his journey is a testament to his resilience and commitment to his craft.



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