House of Card's 'Kevin Spacey' Breaks Character in Middle of a Play

Kevin Spacey breaks character in middle of theater performance.

It is rude to bring a cellphone to any play or theater performance. It is more forgivable at a concert or something, but it is hard to believe that anyone would have their phone on during a play. But, during a recent performance in Clarence Darrowan audience member's phone went off and Kevin Spacey broke character and let the audience member have it.

Spacey was acting out a scene in which Darrow makes a passionate plea for his innocence – when a ringing phone interrupted him.

The music got louder and louder as the guilty party tried to look innocent.

Keeping in character, Spacey finally snapped and said: “If you don’t answer that, I will!”

The audience then gave him a round of applause.

The 54-year-old played the character at the Old Vic in Inherit the Wind in 2009, as well as in the 1991 PBS film Darrow.

Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor and is able to slip into different characters with a drop of a hat. I would not be surprised of Kevin Spacey and his friends gave that audience member the Frank Underwood/Kate Mara treatment.

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