"Hot Felon" Jeremy Meeks' Modeling Career is On Fire

Hot Felon turned model, Jeremy Meeks, continues his modeling career by walking in the Philipp Plein Sport fashion show at Milan Fashion week.

Meeks has proven that convicted felons can turn their life around when they are given an opportunity, a job, and a promising career.

On Sunday, Meeks, who rose to fame after his mug shot went viral in 2014, walked in the Philipp Plein Sport show in Milan. Despite having stumbled into the fashion industry, the father of three looked to have had years of experience on the runway.

The Stockton, California native completed his look with a matching set of sneakers and a simple pendant necklace.

In 2014, Jeremy became famous when his mug shot was posted to the Stockton Police Department Facebook page and received over a 100,000 likes. Having come from a fatherless home and a mother who gave him up for adoption at the age of 10, Jeremy’s life of crime most certainly roots with his backstory.

In 2013, Jeremy was given 27 months of prison time on weapons charges, according to reports, and was released in March 2016. With his newfound success, the father of three, has surely been able to provide a proper living for his wife Melissa.

The model has since become a favorite of designer Philipp, who gave the mugshot model his debut in February during New York Fashion Week.