Hollywood's New Trend: Sheep Placenta Facials

Kim Kardashian is among the list of A-listers who use sheep placenta facials.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sheep placenta facials are the latest rage in Hollywood with Victoria Beckham and Harry Styles signing up for the $500 spa treatment.

Helga Esteb / Helga Esteb /

But, how does it work?

"Sheep's placenta stem cells mirror human stem cells. It is a protein base that is close to our own cellular make-up so the body is able to absorb and recognizes it as its own," she explains. As a result, the proteins go to work at an intracellular level, not just on the surface. "For the same reason, there is no chemically negative skin reaction to the product. It's actually pretty close to the most perfect treatment."

Would you get a sheep placenta facial?

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