There's a Christian Religion That Prays To Hollywood A-List Celebrities

Hollywood Prayer Network is a network of Christians praying for Hollywood, celebrities and the film industry.

While millions of people check out TMZ, watch Entertainment Tonight or buy tabloids to find out what everyone's favorite A-list celebrity is up to, there's a small group of christians who are praying for Hollywood and the film industry. While, this may sound like the start of a new branch of Scientology mixed with Jesus, Vice's interesting report by Jennifer Swann shows the world a group of people who are currently praying for celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt. While most Christians go on mission trips in remote villages in Africa or South America to spread Christianity, Karen Covell moved to Hollywood to Pary for those who are famous. "I think the enemy works the strongest here through loneliness, discouragement, and depression. There's so much of that here." The Hollywood Prayer Network, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing Christianity to the entertainment industry. According to Vice, the network has 82 chapters in 29 countries, where members gather to pray for people in their local film and TV industry as well as the global industry that makes billions of dollars, award ceremonies and A-list celebrities. While Covell started out as film producer in the 1980s, she says "The church hates Hollywood, Hollywood hates the church. There's got to be some way to bridge that divide." So how does the religion work? Well, they pray to several different kinds of gods including the "Oscar Gods" and "Emmy Gods". From Vice:

"We have our own Gods that we worship—the Oscar Gods, the Emmy Gods, the little gold-plated statues. [The Masai> have their own language. You read the trade papers here, and it's all this language that nobody understands," she said, rattling off a list of industry acronyms. But rather than trying to convert the "Hollywood tribe" to Christianity, she says "you [have to] just love the people and let Jesus shine through us."

In addition, members receive a weekly newsletter that tells them who to pray for. Recently, the members prayed for Adam DeVine, the Workaholics co-creator and star of the new Zac Efron movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. And if you're an aspiring actor, the church also provides theater groups, film festivals, acting classes, and Bible study groups on every major film lot. You can read the interesting report here. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.