Henry Cavill: “I’m Not Just Doing This For The Art. The Money’s Fantastic”

Henry Cavill admits he doesn't act for just the art but, for the money.

How come so many people want to become an actor? For many working actors, it's the love of theater, film, and TV. The ability to showcase one's skills day after day, is what keeps starving actors motivated. Related: Why Zack Snyder Never Wanted Grant Gustin’s Flash For Batman v Superman That's why Henry Cavill's , the actor who plays Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justicelatest comments pretty surprising. Related: ‘Batman v Superman’ Cancels Red Carpet Premiere After Terrorist Attack Before Cavill ever became famous, Cavill was pretty much an unknown actor. Now, he's one of Hollywood's biggest celebrities. Cavill is reprising his role in the latest Batman movie, which signals the start of a long list of Justice League movies in which Cavill will appear in. Some might argue that playing a role as Superman, is hardly difficult for an actor, but there's no denying that Cavill is getting paid handsomely for each movie and Henry Cavill has no problem with this. man-of-steel “I’m slightly wary of saying this, because it can be frowned upon, certainly by members of my community and people outside my community…but I’m not just doing this for the art,” Cavill admits. “The money’s fantastic and that’s something which I deem—and again, it is frowned upon—very important.” Related:  “You’ve got to enjoy life! When I’m making money I’m spending it on nice stuff, whether that be lavish holidays for me and my friends or just seeing something and going in a shop and saying, ‘Yeah, I want that for the house,’ and buying it. Spending money on my friends, buying dinner for everyone, drinks for everyone, it’s a nice place to be, and I like people to feel cared for.” Henry Cavill “People will be calling me a cock as they’re reading this, but travel’s great as long as you’re going first class. I mean, traveling to New Zealand in economy, it sucks. Especially if you’re over six feet. But first class? I’m not going to ever pretend to be coy about that. I love it.” Related: Henry Cavill: Kids Used to Pick On Me for Being Fat

What do you think? Money is pretty important but, you rarely hear an actor ever say that money is the main motivator? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!