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HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Extra Tells All and It’s Amazing [Photos]


This background extra describes what it's like to be an extra on ‘Game of Thrones' and it sounds amazing.

The best part about being an extra is that you are so close to the action. You sit next to A-list actors, enjoy the best snacks has to offer, and if you are lucky enough you are able to side by side to the world's most beloved actors.

Redittor Taranoleion was cast as a Lannister Guard on Game of Thrones this season, and now that the show is nearly over, he shared photos from what it was like working in King's Landing and the after parties with King Joffrey.

Check out the photos below and what he thought of the experience:

Game of Thrones

The guards actually had their visors open at the wedding, so you can even see my face. Score!

Game of Thrones

After the PW wrapped up, a bunch of took photos together to celebrate.


Waiting for the shoot to start.


Yes, I was there, I saw it all live.


A cat that randomly walked on set. It was hilarious, actually. The cat nonchalantly walked across the arena during the fight and they had to cut and wait for it to leave.


at the party.


She was really nice, helped me find the perfect lighting for the photo.


lcfuiwcSo it's not only Hodor who does the DJ-ing. They had an official DJ at the party, but at one point Loras and Margaery came up with their iPods and started playing their own tracks, which was pretty much fine with everyone.


In this image you can see how nicely I follow the rule of looking as idiotic as humanly possible in a celebrity photo. Meanwhile, she looks as hell.


TBH, I didn't know at the time how much I would appreciate having this one – I mean, I knew Oberyn would be cool, but never imagined how AWESOME he'd be in the show, as I only saw the fight scene with him. But now, in hindsight, this is the second coolest photo I managed to grab while there. (Not actually sure how the guy behind us affects the the photo's coolness ratio.)


The coolest photo I managed to grab.

In October of last year Game of Thrones Extras Casting directors ExtrasNI posted a casting call looking for strong and fit men to carry a large prop in the series, including a casting call for a 7'0 men. We will keep an eye out for you for more to work on Game of Thrones.

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