HBO GO Can Be Purchased Separately

HBO Go can be purchased separately from a television package in some markets after reports.

Comcast subscribers can get HBO GO without paying for a high price, full-scale TV package. Instead of bundling HBO with 200 or more useless television channels you are required to purchase. Which makes more sense. Two points must be stressed, however. First, his service requires you to have Internet service in order to watch HBO Go. Secondly, this service is not available in all areas. For example, it is only available in select markets such as Northern California and only available to new subscribers. But, there is a good chance that if this test market works you will see more and more areas offering HBO Go as a seperate a-la-carte service similar to the way Netflix is designed. The CEO of Time Warner, which is the parent company of HBO, commented that he is okay with cable providers such as Comcast providing HBO GO without a full cable package. Furthermore, if it were bundled with the internet service it will make a great bundle package. However, it is not the ideal set up. But, it is a good step toward a on-demand television network. With Netflix recently surpassing HBO in the number of subscribers, it is clear that HBO is trying to shake things up in order to remain competitive in the changing Television marketplace. (Source: Uproxx)