Entertainment News'Half Baked 2' is Now Hiring Filmmakers

‘Half Baked 2’ is Now Hiring Filmmakers


of Dave Chappelle's Thurgood Jenkins is stepping into the hero's shoes in Half Baked 2, which is starting production.

Justin Hires, a stand-up comedian, was announced as the screenwriter for the next installment late last year.

Half Baked 2 is inching closer to its unveiling. The much-anticipated sequel was among a dozen projects earlier this week that the renowned California Film Commission granted part of the $40 million tax credit. According to state law, production needs to commence within 180 days–and for Half Baked 2, it will occur in sunny Los Angeles. Screenplay mastermind Justin Hires (MacGyver reboot star) was putting together the finishing touches on the script at year's end.

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Although it's uncertain at the moment, Dave Chappelle will likely not return for Half Baked 2 after expressing disappointment with the first film. In , Chappelle said, “Half Baked didn't come out the way I wanted it to come out. I was real upset about that, 'cause it was a real cool script.” He seems to think that the movie was only meant for , which wasn't the case when he read the original script.

Dave Chappelle, who played both Thurgood Jenkins and the rapper Sir Smokes-A-Lot in the first film, will likely not be involved with Half Baked 2. The sequel will reportedly focus on Jenkins' son instead. No other information about the sequel has been released yet, so it's unclear if original stars Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diax, or Harland Williams will return. While the story could go in a different direction, Half Baked 2 will likely need some of the original characters to get fans excited for its release.

Half Baked didn't do so great when it first came out. It only made $17.5 million compared to its $8 million budget. Critics hated it, and things looked pretty bleak for the movie. However, Dave Chappelle's fans loved it and made it a cult classic once it was released on home video. After Comedy picked up Chappelle's Show, which was a big hit, fans of the comedian started looking for anything with his name on it. Since then, critics have taken another look at Half Baked, and some who initially panned it have come to like it.

Justin Hires is looking forward to and confident about Half Baked 2. In December 2019, he said, “Excited to announce I'll be writing the sequel to Half Baked. I know the original is a classic, and yes, this sequel will be [fire] because I'm writing it. Oh yeah, I write screenplays too.” Hires, on the other hand, has a lot of . Those who enjoy the original are going to need more than just a promise that it will be “fire.” No cast or director is planned for Half Baked 2, but if production must begin in the next few months, we should hear something soon. Metaflix was the first to break the story.

Half Baked 2 Crew Call

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