Guy Posing As Tracy Morgan's Son Bashed by Tracy Morgan's Rep: "No One Knows This Guy"

There is a guy going around New York City claiming to be Tracy Morgan's son.

While many people who look like celebrities will try to land a job as a photo double, or walk around Las Vegas as a celebrity impersonator, there's a guy in NYC is telling everyone he is Tracy Morgan's son. Lou Morgan (Facebook) Lou Morgan (Facebook) According to, a guy named Lou Morgan was partying around New York City and during a stop at a Tribeca club Haus, he got on the DJ's microphone and told everyone to give a "shout out to his dad, Tracy Morgan, for his recovery and the return of him hosting." A source close to Page Six said Lou and his friends then spent "$50,000 on bottles".
Happy Fathers day to the worlds coolest Dad Posted by Lou Morgan on Saturday, June 16, 2012
On Lou Morgan's Facebook page he has a picture of Tracy Morgan with the caption saying, "Happy Father's day to the world's coolest Dad." But, the biggest problem with Lou's story is that Tracy Morgan doesn't have a son. Tracy Morgan's reps tell Page Six, "It is just someone making stuff up. No one on our side knows this guy.” We reached out to Lou Morgan for a comment and he has not responded. Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan is currently filming his comeback movie Fist Fight alongside, Ice Cube in Atlanta, Georgia. Source: Page Six

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