Google Glass Banned from UK Movie Theaters

Google Glass will be banned from all UK movie theaters.

If you just bought a Google Glass for around $1500, don't bring it to the movies anytime soon. UK cinemas are getting ready to ban the headsets in fear that the devices will be used to pirate copies of Hollywood Blockbosters. Two years since, Google Glass unveiled the device in Britain, it looks like Google has to overcome a huge hurdle. Google Glass allows the wearer to read emails, take videos, and access the internet with a display fixed above the right eye. But, it also allows people the ability to record people without their knowledge, with a stroke of a finger. This has prompted security concerns and movie theaters are alarmed that criminals could use the device to pirate and distribute copies of hit movies. Google Glass only lasts about 45 minutes following continuous recording, make it extremely unlikely that anyone could record an entire movie. But, it is believed that gangs can combine video sourced from one movie tehater with images and sounds from another to produce counterfeit productions. According to Independent criminals that illegally record movies are advanced in their techniques and developing ways to avoid getting caught:
Cinema staff have been given a guide to spotting pirates. Illegal recorders often sit in the centre of the cinema and shield themselves by having accomplices sit on either side of them. Some have even used small children to disguise their intent.
This is not the first time movie theaters got upset about Google Glass. In January, a man was interrogated by the FBI after wearing his Google Glass while watching 'Jack Ryan' in the movie theater. If you're debating about purchasing Google Glass, this is what you may just be missing out on: Do you think the United States movie theaters will ban Google Glass? Do you plan on purchasing Google Glass in the future? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below! Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting. Photo Credit: Hattanas Kumchai /

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