What It's Like To Get PAID to Watch Netflix All Day

Here's what it's like to work as a Netflix "Juicer" and get paid to watch Netflix all day.

When it was announced that Netflix was hiring people (taggers" to watch Netflix all day, it quickly went viral. However, there was a secret project called "Project Beetlejuice" and men and women were hired to watch Netflix and write reports about what they saw. According to reports, Netflix pays people to pick the best still images and videos from thousands of titles to help users figure out what to watch. And now two of the people hired to watch Netflix all day are now suing Netflix for overtime, paid vacation, health insurance and more. From The Hollywood Reporter:
Netflix refuses to reveal how many people work in the program, the rationale behind its name or much at all about this line of work. That's because there are two putative class action lawsuits pending in L.A. Superior Court — one filed in November by Long Beach resident Lawrence Moss and the second filed in May by L.A. resident Cigdem Akbay — that claim the hundreds of people paid to watch Netflix deserve higher pay after being allegedly misclassified as contractors instead of employees. Netflix argues in court papers the employees signed agreements that require the dispute be handled privately in arbitration.
Apparently, "juicers" are paid $10 per film or show to pick out the best images and videos. In addition, these Netflix employees are allowed to work from home. But, the amount of TV and movies there were required to watch took more than 40 hours a week. "Theoretically, [Cigdem Akbay> could set her own hours, but Netflix imposed deadlines for assignments that in effect imposed a rigid work schedule," according to the complaint. And after she told Netflix that the job became her main source of income, she was fired. You would automatically assume that this is the dream job. You just sit back in the comfort of your home and watch Netflix, something you would probably paid to do. However, the amount of time to watch a full movie and write a report is probably not worth it. Especially, for a franchise that you're not that interested. For instance, can you imagine binge-watching My Little Pony? I know I can't. I would probably sue too. I guess all that glitters is not gold. Via THR Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.  

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