Georgia's Film Industry: Over 200 Productions Filmed in 2015

Georgia's film industry is now ranked 3rd in the world.

With over 30 movies and TV shows currently filming in Georgia, it is hard to deny that Georgia has one of the biggest film industries in the world. On Tuesday, SCAD held a panel discussion on the current state of the film industry in Georgia and many of the panelists agreed that are going well for the Peach State. “The incentive program started in 2008 and it has been a landslide,” said Craig Miller from the Georgia Production Partnership. From WSAV:
Miller says it’s resulted in the building of 13 film studios.  He says in 2015, 240 films, television programs and music videos were all produced in Georgia, putting the state behind only New York and Los Angeles in terms of the number of productions.
In comparison, Louisiana's once thriving film industry is struggling to compete with Georgia. According to Louisiana Film Industry website,, there are only five movies and TV shows filming in Louisiana. Meanwhile, North Carolina, a state that used to be Georgia's biggest competition, only features four TV shows and movies. But, Georgia's feature film industry may be in trouble. Recently, Australia granted a 40% tax incentive to feature films that decide to film in Queensland, Australia. Since that announcement, Marvel's Thor and several other feature films are expected to film on the Gold Coast. It is important to keep in mind that Thor was supposed to film in Georgia.

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