Georgia's Film Industry is The Number One Filming Location for Movies

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HOLLYWOOD, CA / USA - JANUARY 14, 2020: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence at the Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Bad Boys For Life" held at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 14, 2020 in Hollywood, Ca. (Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro /

Georgia is the number one filming location for blockbusters.

Georgia’s film industry may face a ton of international competition but, according to state officials, the state’s film industry is still number one.

Georgia Film Day took place last week. It is a day that celebrates the advantages of having a booming film industry in Georgia. During the presentation, officials highlighted the Georgia Film Academy and its impact on bringing Georgia students into working professionals. Georgia Film Works also launched a new website, which is dedicated to the thousands of film crew workers, actors, and producers who work in the TV and film industry in Georgia.

Nearly $3 billion was spent on professionals in the film industry in Georgia.

“So, the real number that we focus on is the direct spending,” Bert Brantley, CEO of the Georgia Department of Economic Development explained. "These are the dollars that production companies spend in Georgia, and that’s $2.9 billion in 2019."

"People can talk about the economic impact of what those dollars are but you can’t dispute where those dollars are spent in Georgia. They’re spent employing Georgians, catering, restaurants, hotels, really all across Atlanta, and all across Georgia,” Brantley added. "We really want to celebrate those dollars coming in the state, and turning our economy."

Movies like “Bad Boys for Life”, multiple Marvel movies, and “Kumanji” have contributed to making Georgia the top filming location in 2019.

“We’re the number one location for blockbuster features, so those of the top 100 movies that are shot, in terms of the amount of revenue created, Georgia has more of those produced than any other place. And its because we have the "Avengers," and we have Dwayne Johnson’s “Jungle Cruise” and “Jumanji” and those great movies that are coming out,” Brantley said. "So, when you have Sony, Disney, NBC Universal-Comcast these great partners that we have shooting their blockbuster movies here - those are the ones that have great economic impact. Lots of hotels, lots of meals, transportation to set. Those are the ones that have a big impact."

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