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George R.R. Martin Calls Walter White: The Ultimate Villain on Television

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Key Takeaways:
* Renowned author George R.R. Martin praised Breaking Bad's Walter White as the greatest monster on .
* Martin expressed his admiration for the Ozymandias episode of Breaking Bad on his LiveJournal.
* He speculated that the final season of Breaking Bad would defeat Game of Thrones in Emmy contention.
* Martin also praised the Six Feet Under finale as the best in television history.

An Intriguing Clash of TV Villains

The twisted world of Westeros, crafted by George R.R. Martin in his acclaimed series A Song of Ice and Fire, is teeming with despicable characters. However, Martin has voiced an unexpected competitor who surpasses every villain that he created on Game of Thrones. The acclaimed author has lauded Breaking Bad's Walter White, played by , as a far greater monster.

George R.R. Martin vs. the Heisenberg Phenomenon

In a surprising pronouncement on his personal blog, Martin recognized Breaking Bad's Emmy-worthy performance in the Ozymandias episode as the undisputable high point in the spectrum of TV villainy. His admiration was not just for the series, but specifically for its protagonist – a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturer – who he believes to overshadow all villains in Westeros.

Square off at the Emmy's: Game of Thrones vs. Breaking Bad

In the heyday of the two most popular series, Martin stepped forward with a bold prediction regarding the Emmy nominations. Both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad were battling it out for the Best Drama category, with him believing that the final season of Breaking Bad would likely steal the spotlight. Despite his affiliation with Game of Thrones, he endorsed Breaking Bad as the clear favorite in the race.

The Dark Portrait of Walter White: A Villain Beyond Westeros

Walter White, or Heisenberg as he is infamously known, departs from TV villains in his realistic transformation. From a sympathetic high school teacher battling cancer to a remorseless kingpin trading in dangerous drugs, the character depiction is shockingly real. Martin applauds this detailed portrayal, elevating Walter White high above the pack of villains stalking the Seven Kingdoms.

Dissecting Villains: Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad

Every character in Game of Thrones, such as the sadistic Ramsay Bolton or the despised King Joffrey Baratheon, has left viewers with deep impressions of their defined malice. However, Walter White's character in Breaking Bad presents a greater level of complexity. Despite his monstrous persona, he manages to evoke sympathy, fear, and loathing in his audience – making him a contender as the greatest TV villain in Martin's view.

George R.R. Martin's Pick for the Best TV Conclusion

While Game of Thrones transformed the visual narrative for modern audiences, Martin feels another series mastered finale . Memorializing the 2001 HBO series Six Feet Under, he praised its final episode as the best TV ending ever crafted. Despite the perfect score awarded to Ozymandias on , Martin upheld the Six Feet Under finale as the undefeated best.

Closing Statement

It's not every day that the creator of some of the most captivating villains in television history acknowledges another's creation as surpassing his own. George R.R. Martin's unexpected appreciation for Breaking Bad's Walter White offers a new perspective on the evolution of villain narratives. As fans continue to debate the merits of their favorite antagonists, captivating and complex characters like White continue to raise the bar for TV villainy.

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