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George Lucas’s Masterstroke: The Yoda Issue in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith


Key Takeaways
* George Lucas faced a challenge creating Yoda's walking scenes in Wars: Revenge of the Sith due to CGI limitations.
* A actor resembling Yoda's stature was used to help solve the issue.
* Adjustments were then made using visuals from prequel trilogy film to finalize Yoda's walking pace.
* The solution led to a successful portrayal of the Jedi Master, without appearing comical.

The Yoda Problem: A Witty Reveal

Perhaps no character in Star Wars history has been as enigmatic and captivating as . However, bringing this beloved Jedi onto the big screens in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith marked a funny challenge that franchise creator George Lucas had to overcome. The problem arose from animating Yoda using CGI, with a particular difficulty arising when the character had to walk.

Master Yoda's Debut

Introduced in the original Star Wars trilogy as an elderly, wise mentor to Luke Skywalker, the creators used a puppet to embody Yoda. Given his age at that time, Yoda's movements were slow and limited. However, in the prequels, audiences got to witness the vibrant, agile Yoda in his prime. This shift required Lucas and the creative team to rethink their approach towards portraying Yoda's moves and mannerisms.

The of Master Yoda

In Attack of the Clones, audiences saw Yoda walking with his fellow Jedi Order comrades. His significantly smaller size in comparison to the others brought out a unique challenge. Due to his short stature, Yoda was unable to keep up with the long strides of his full-sized peers. Thus began Lucas's to calibrate Yoda's walk correctly. The creator wanted to avoid making Yoda's walk so slow it would seem comedic, nor so fast that it would defy his diminutive size.

Lucas finally arrived at a simple yet intelligent trick that would in favour of Master Yoda and the film's overall aesthetics.

The Clever Remedy to Yoda's Walk

To triumph over Yoda's walking conundrum, Lucas employed a stand-in actor with a height that closely matched the Jedi Master's. The actor's movements then served as a reference for animating Yoda digitally.

Lucas didn't stop there. He stretched his creativity further and used footages from The Phantom Menace, the first film in the prequel. By referencing these clips, the animation team was able to maintain Yoda's speed and movement consistent throughout.

supervisor, Justin Knoll, was pleasantly surprised by the simple solution and couldn't help letting out a humoristic remark, “So, we won't have to give him rollerblades?”


Contrary to the complex world of Star Wars, the remedy to Master Yoda's walking dilemma was sheer simplicity. Lucas's clever use of a stand-in actor and referencing from previous footage turned out to be an ingenious solution. This tweak didn't just overwrite the comical appearance it could have been; it also presented Yoda in the best possible manner, captivating the audiences.

Lucas's adept handling of this problem is a testament to his creativity and passion for filmmaking. It's these tweaks that shape the cherished universe of Star Wars, and keep the magic alive. And perhaps subtly teach us – big things often have small beginnings; or in this case, solutions!

For those who wish to experience the fix in action, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, along with the rest of the series, can be streamed on .

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