'Game of Thrones' Photo Doubles Fall in Love on Set

The stand-ins and photo doubles for 'Game of Thrones' are now dating after falling in love on set.

After working hours upon hours on set with the cast and crew two things are particularly going to happen, you are either going to hate your fellow co-workers or you are going to love them to death. Apparently, two of the photo doubles on the Game of Thrones are now dating. Several months ago, Emilia Clarke's body double on 'Game of Thrones', Rosie Mac, was offered a leading role on 'Terminator: Genisys' but turned it down in order to keep her job on the 'Game of Thrones'. However, since then the actress started dating Ignacio Blanco, the stand-in for Michiel Huisman's rugged Daario. Blanco told the Daily Mail, “Rosie and I met on set. Me doing my part as Daario’s double and Rosie doing her part as Daenerys. Since then, we’ve become very close. Things just kept escalating.” Mac, 18, has vowed to stay a virgin until marriage, saying, "I've got very high morals. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband." Somewhere out there, several stand-ins are secretly smiling. 'Game of Thrones' is now filming their latest season and recently, HBO execs admitted they are interested in creating another 8 seasons and a possible prequel spin-off. George R.R. Martin is currently working on the sixth out of a planned seven installments of his Song of Ice and Fire series. The HBO series has used up a majority of the material already published in his books, with season five going outside of what George R.R. Martin’s work more than any season before it. To audition for a role on 'Game of Thrones', check out our guide here. I guess casting directors can work part-time as matchmakers? Image Credit: Rosie Mac/Instagram

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