Ice Cube is Committed to Producing a Fourth 'FRIDAY'

Ice Cube

Friday,' re-affirming that he will "never" give up on this project.

Ice Cube will continue his quest for the fourth installment of Friday in 2023, showing that he isn't afraid to stand up and fight for what he believes in. His commitment to this New Year's resolution demonstrates that an intention is a powerful tool.

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Recently, Ice Cube opened up to TMZ about the possibility of releasing a fourth installment in the Friday franchise. He asserted that he was still determined to make it happen—but not through legal action against Warner Bros. This is just another development in his long-standing feud with the studio over who owns the rights to Friday; only last month did he declare that they would never surrender control. Ice Cube is passionate and unyielding about bringing this new chapter of his beloved film series to fruition.

When questioned why he refused to change the movie name, Ice Cube replied straightforwardly., "You got to use the same IP. So, you can't call it Saturday without using Craig and Day Day." Ice Cube voiced their opinion about the possibility of initiating legal action., "No, ain't gonna sue nobody." In 1995, the original installment of Friday was released, followed by its two sequels in 2000 and 2002.

Ice Cube's iconic movie 'FRIDAY' was a bonafide success when it hit theaters in 1995. Not only did it receive critical acclaim, it also topped the box office charts and solidified Ice Cube as one of the key players in the world of hip-hop based comedy films. This article looks at how 'FRIDAY' managed to become an instant classic and why it still resonates with audiences today. 

Released on April 26th 1995 and directed by F. Gary Gray, 'FRIDAY' stars Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and Nia Long in a story about two best friends who have to find a way to survive their wild Friday night whilst dealing with all kinds of crazy situations and bumbling antagonists. The movie's roots come from a series of classic rap songs produced by Dr. Dre, who co-wrote the screenplay along with Ice Cube himself - giving it a unique mix of hip-hop culture blended into the narrative. 

The movie instantly became a huge box office success despite its low budget ($
3.5 million) and limited number of theaters (790). It made over $28 million during its initial run, making for one of the most profitable independent movies released that year – higher than even ‘Seven’ or ‘Sense & Sensibility’! The movie went on to become an even bigger success in America when it was released on VHS & DVD later that year – going on to gross an additional $48 million domestically for a total lifetime gross of $76 million (in North America alone). 

This success can be attributed mainly to its iconic characters, hilarious quotable dialogue and up beat soundtrack featuring music from Dr Dre, Easy-E and other gangsta rap icons – hitting multiple triggers with viewers keen to experience this unseen blend between Hollywood comedy & urban street culture. Even today, 25 years after its release – 'FRIDAY' is still regarded as one of the funniest movies ever made – proving just how timeless great cinema can be!

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