Aspiring Pregnant Model Killed by a Train During a Photo Shoot

A 19-year-old woman was killed during a photo shoot along train tracks in Texas earlier this month. The victim was identified as college student Fredzania Thompson, according to reports. Investigators said Thompson was shooting with a photographer when she "stepped into the path of a Union Pacific train" and was hit. The incident occurred on Mar. 10. Witnesses said Thompson was given CPR until first responders arrived at the scene. She was eventually transported to a nearby hospital and later died from her injuries. "It's really tough right now because we all needed her in our lives," Earl Chatman, Thompson's fiancé, told KCEN-TV Monday. "She made everybody's day every time you saw her with that beautiful smile."

Chatman, who first met Thompson when she was 15, said they had recently learned she was pregnant. "We actually found out nine days before this happened that she was four weeks pregnant," he said. Thompson would have turned 20 Monday. Thompson's mother told reporters on Wednesday that her daughter was an accomplished athlete but she always dreamed of becoming a model. "She was more interested in modeling," Hakamie Stevenson said. "That's definitely what she wanted to do. It's what she had started to do the day she was deceased."