Frankie Muniz Teases 'Malcolm in the Middle' Sequel

Frankie Muniz teases the possibility of a Malcolm in the Middle sequel.

Get ready for another reboot as Frankie Muniz tweets the possibility of a Malcolm in the Middle remake.

There are no shortage of TV reboots, sequels, and remakes in Hollywood nowadays. Now, Frankie Muniz has touched on the idea of a Malcolm in the Middle sequel - which he called Malcolm in the Mid-Life Crisis in a tweet. When asked if he would seriously consider the TV reboot, should the opportunity ever become available, Muniz said he was just putting the idea out there and see what kind of response he would get. Malcolm in the Middle ran for seven seasons on Fox until it aired it's final episode in 2006. Nowadays, it is commonly known as the show Walter White (Bryan Cranston) worked on. Frankie Muniz starred as Malcolm, the gifted middle child in a family of three boys with parents played by Jane Kaczmarke and Bryan Cranston. Malcolm in the Middle The show was a hit and Malcolm in the Middle won several Emmys over the years. Whether a Malcolm in the Middle reboot/sequel/remake is in the works, there is a good possibility that Network executives are tossing the idea right now in a board room considering Netflix's acquisition of Fuller House. 

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